Understanding The Benefits Of In-House Fabrication

Just as people are created differently, so too are businesses. What works for one company might not be beneficial for another. We can apply this logic to a wide range of different commercial elements, including your business’s storage and material handling needs.
Fabrication tool creating customized products for a clients storage requirementsFabrication tool creating customized products for a clients storage requirements
At THS, our qualified team of material handling experts has the knowledge and skills needed to help business owners figure out what types of commercial and industrial equipment will work for their facility.

Rather than just selling products right off the shelf, however, we’re proud to employ an in-house fabrication team that can create custom products to meet your operational requirements.

If you want to ensure you receive the exact types of equipment you need to complete your work, it’s essential to understand the benefits that come from hiring a qualified in-house fabrication company.

What Is In-House Fabrication?

Whether your business uses awkwardly-sized materials or sells large, bulky products, traditional storage systems, and pallet racking products probably won’t work for your warehouse or facility.

That’s where the cutting-edge in-house fabrication crew at THS comes in.

Using some of the most durable materials on the market and a crew of expertly-trained warehouse design specialists, we will work closely with your team to create the precise types of equipment and storage systems you need to handle your operational needs and maximize the space in your facility.

How Can Custom Design Services Be Helpful To Your Business?

Besides being an optimal solution for creating custom storage and material handling equipment, choosing our in-house fabrication department can be a highly beneficial option.

If you’re running a commercial or industrial business, be sure to consider these advantages before making any decisions about the purchase of your storage systems and equipment.

Low Costs

Since we would be creating your devices in-house, you won’t have to worry about overhead costs that come with other businesses like ours. You’ll receive high-quality merchandise that’s budget-friendly and built-to-last.

Quick Turnaround Times

Are you in a time crunch regarding your need for additional storage and material handling equipment? No problem! Since our team takes a first-hand approach to all of our orders, we can have your finished products ready quickly and efficiently.


When you work with our reputable team, you’ll receive all-inclusive options that are unmatched by the competition. Not only will we create your new equipment ourselves, but we also have our own delivery team and trucks, which allows us to offer hands-on delivery and installation services.

Learn More About How Our Custom Design Team Can Benefit Your Business

The equipment in your facility serves unique and specific purposes. It’s crucial to guarantee you’re receiving products and devices that can meet those requirements.

Instead of shopping straight from the shelf, why not choose an industry-leading company that can offer the in-house fabrication options you want and need? Whether you’re interested in creating custom equipment or need cost-effective and convenient options, THS can help.

Give our professional team of warehouse design experts a call today at 360-254-7809 or fill out our online contact form to set-up a free consultation with our elite team of commercial and industrial equipment specialists.