From open and closed metal shelving to boltless shelving, THS has the automotive shelving solutions you need. Our state-of-the-art products can help improve productivity and organization. Call for more info.
Outfitting your automotive garage or warehouse with the right types of storage is essential. That’s why THS is pleased to offer business owners countrywide a versatile collection of automotive shelving options.

Unlike many other industries, automotive businesses require storage for a large variety of different sized products. From bulky tires to small parts and tools, finding a streamlined way of organizing these materials can help maintain organization in your facility.

There are two main types of metal shelving that business owners can choose from: open and closed metal shelving or boltless metal shelving.

Open And Closed Metal Shelving

If you’re searching for general storage equipment, open and closed metal shelving is probably the best choice. One of the most common shelving types within the automotive industry, these shelves provide easy-access on every side, including the back.

Constructed with durable metal and supported by strategically placed braces, open and closed automotive shelving is a cost-effective option that supports a variety of different uses.

Boltless Shelving

Quick and simple to assemble, boltless automotive shelving is a better option for more substantial items. With no cross-bracing, your products and materials will be readily available on all sides. One of the most convenient types of industrial shelving available, these can be easily dismantled or reassembled for your ever-changing business needs.

What Are The Benefits Of Buying Automotive Shelving?

No matter what type of automotive shelving you choose for your warehouse or garage, they will offer you impressive benefits you’re guaranteed to enjoy. Industrial shelving will bring a higher level of organization to your facility. When your place of business is better organized, it creates a direct link to productivity.

Adding metal shelving will also help optimize the amount of space your business adds.

Ideal Reasons For Buying Automotive Shelving

Within the automotive industry, there are plenty of reasons a business owner might find automotive shelving beneficial. Some of the most popular uses are:
  • Sheet Metal Storage
  • Long Parts Storage
  • Molding Storage
  • Tire and Wheel Storage
  • Industrial Battery Storage
  • Bumper Storage
When you have customized storage needs, we can help you create a specialized shelving plan that will help streamline production and distribution.

Do You Want Comprehensive Automotive Storage?

At THS, we understand the benefit of organization for your company and we are here to help. From boltless shelves to specialty storage, we have a wide selection of new and reconditioned products collected by our warehouse asset liquidators.

Our team is here to help get your facility set-up right. Contact us today.