Do you need to limit the amount of space you’re currently using? Or do you need to maximize the floor space you have? Mobile shelving from THS is a versatile storage option for your industrial business.
When it comes to warehouse design layouts, many industrial companies have the same problem— better use of space.

Whether you’re looking to minimize the amount of floor space, your current storage system takes up, or maximize your square footage, the top-rated mobile shelving at THS is an ideal solution.

This type of storage system consists of several shelving units that have been placed on mobile carriages, which are attached to tracks along the floor. When not in use, each separate shelf fits compactly together to minimize the overall floor space of the unit.

Mobile shelving systems allow for products to be easily stored, accessed, and secured. When you purchase a brand-new or reconditioned mobile shelving unit, you will be maximizing or minimizing your stage space by approximately 50%.

These shelves can be fully customized with a variety of different shelf styles to fit your needs, including reference shelves, drawers, garment rods, or hanging files. They also come with two different modes of operation: mechanical-assist or powered.

Mechanical-Assist Mobile Shelving

Using hand cranks and handles, mechanical-assist mobile shelving is manually-operated for easy entrance to the shelving aisles. They are ideal for storage needs that include few users and minimal activity.

Powered Mobile Shelving

If your mobile shelving will experience several users and high-traffic, automated, powered mobile shelving is an optimal choice. These include motion sensors and push-button controls for simple and safe daily operations.

What Are The Benefits Of Purchasing Mobile Shelving?

In addition to their space-saving capabilities, mobile shelving boasts a wide range of benefits. Not only do they provide a greater sense of flexibility and versatility to industrial factories and warehouses, but they also assist in increasing production by allowing more space for work stations and production lines.

Thanks to better organization, mobile shelving will also assist in in enhancing productivity amongst employees.

Ideal Reasons For Buying Mobile Shelving

One of the best things about mobile shelving from THS is the variety of uses you’ll get out of them. If you’re looking for more specific ideas, however, many of our business owners buy these units for industries, such as:
  • Healthcare, i.e., medical records, pharmacies, surgical supplies, hospital linens
  • Libraries, i.e., books, movies
  • Office Storage, i.e., files, notebooks, office supplies, blueprints, archived documents
  • Museums, i.e., books, specimens, artifacts, art frames
  • Sports Equipment
  • Police Property, i.e., evidence, equipment
  • Maintenance Tools
  • Electronic Devices

Do You Need To Utilize Your Industrial Space Better?

Whether you’re looking to improve warehouse functionality, productivity, or you simply need more space, mobile shelving is a premier choice amongst business owners and employees. If you’re looking to buy high-grade mobile storage systems, let the professional team at THS help.

As one of the leading warehouse asset liquidators in the northwest, our professional team can help you find mobile shelving that’s built-to-last and budget-friendly. We can also help you develop a custom plan for your shelf that will best fit the needs of your company.

From manufacturing facilities to libraries, mobile shelving is a versatile option for your warehouse or facility needs.