If you’re interested in automating your pallet unloading and loading process, THS has the solution. Our inventory of new and reconditioned push back pallet racking systems will help increase productivity and workflow for your company.
No matter what your warehouse facility specializes in, it’s vital to have the most efficient types of storage systems, and material handling devices installed.

At THS, we feature a wide variety of commercial products to better assist business owners in automating their warehouse production and distribution. A key element for many of these companies is push back pallet racking.

Utilizing the flow of gravity and a reliable 4-wheel nesting cart design, push back pallet racking is an optimal choice for businesses that require “first in, last out” (LIFO) inventory management. Pallets of products and materials are placed upon individual carts that are a part of a rigid steel cart system. As one pallet is placed onto the rack, it automatically pushes the previously installed products back a pallet position.

Alternatively, when a worker removes a whole pallet from its cart, the flow of gravity will force the carts directly behind that one into the next position.

When it comes to purchasing push back pallet racking systems for your facility, it’s crucial to choose a reliable equipment company. Whether you’re interested in a brand-new system, or previously-owned and reconditioned equipment our expert technicians can help.

What Are The Benefits Of Buying Push Back Pallet Racking?

Two of the most significant benefits of push back pallet racking are the level of accessibility and increased storage space. Unlike a standard selective pallet rack, for example, you will save approximately 90% of your total storage space by choosing a push back pallet racking system.

Push back pallet racking systems also provide a better product and material access than systems, such as drive-in pallet racks. With a push back style rack, business owners can store 2 – 6 pallets in a single-aisle that are easily retrieved from the front side.

These aren’t the only benefits of push back pallet racking, however. You will also get:
  • Up to 100% More Storage Density
  • Efficient Storage of Multiple SKUs
  • Pallet System That’s Powered by Gravity
  • Independently-Operated Lanes and Levels
  • Low-Profile System for Optimal Storage Height
  • Loading and Unloading Procedures that Are Fast and Reliable
  • No Need for Specialized Lifting Trucks

Ideal Reasons For Buying Push Back Pallet Racking

At THS, we have seen many companies find great success by switching their pallet storage to a push back pallet racking system.
While there are many different reasons to make this change, some of the most common are increased selectivity of products and materials, storage of multiple SKUs, and increased storage of medium-turnover products or the same types of products with different sell-by dates.

Would You Like Better Access To Your Warehouse Products And Materials?

The question is simple: would you like to have improved material handling and product access in your warehouse? If the answer is yes, the licensed and bonded contractors at THS can help you plan the right type of pallet racking system for your business.

As a warehouse asset liquidator, we have a versatile selection of reconditioned pallet racks for you to choose from if you’re looking for cost-effective alternatives.

By improving your loading and unloading process, you will increase productivity, and in turn, your profits. Push back pallet racking products are an ideal solution.