Pallet flow pallet racking systems use the flow of gravity to automate unloading and loading pallets. Using the first in – first out inventory method, they’re an ideal solution of many warehouses. Ask THS for more information!
Pallet flow pallet racking systems are constructed with angled slopes and metal skate wheels that allow for easy loading and unloading procedures. This design allows for the pallets to be moved using the natural flow of gravity into a picking position on the rack.

These types of storage racks are filled from the back and unloaded from the front. This process makes for convenient ‘First In – First Out’ (FIFO) inventory storage, which is ideal for perishable goods that are date-sensitive. At the front of each aisle are pallet stops that block stored items from falling out of the pallet flow racking system.

When a forklift unloads a pallet, the items behind that one automatically moves forward, so it is ready for the next selection.

This type of pallet racking system is an ideal way to make the most out of your current warehouse space. It allows for more products and materials to be stored efficiently as up-to 20 pallets can be held within a single system aisle.

As one of the leading warehouse asset liquidators in the country, our licensed and bonded contractors have access to a variety of new and reconditioned pallet flow pallet racking systems that can benefit your facility.

What Are The Benefits Of Buying Pallet Flow Pallet Racking Systems?

From high-density storage to convenient loading processes, pallet flow racking systems from THS offer a variety of different benefits and advantages. Our expert installation team understands the need for streamlined production and distribution solutions.

Since 2014, we’ve made it our business to supply business owners with a variety of material handling and storage system products to increase their workplace productivity. Pallet flow pallet racking systems are a prime example of this. Some of the benefits you’ll receive from these systems, include:
  • Convenient Gravity-Flow Pallet Loading & Unloading
  • Fast & Efficient Inventory Turnover
  • Direct Access to Products & Materials
  • Flexible Pallet Weight Accommodations
  • High-Density Storage Capability
  • High-Grade Construction

Ideal Reasons For Buying Pallet Flow Pallet Racking

Do you have fast-moving products you’re working with consistently? Does your business deal with time-sensitive perishables and materials? If so, you’ll be happy to know that pallet flow pallet racking systems are the ideal product for these uses.
Some of the other optimal reasons for choosing these products are their ability to handle full-case picking. They’re also the ideal option for businesses that provide a limited number of SKUs or limited selectivity.

Does Your Food Or Drink-Related Company Need Better Storage?

By outfitting your warehouse with a durable pallet flow pallet racking system, you will have a more organized workspace, which will, in turn, enhance your productivity.

By utilizing the ‘First In – First Out’ (FIFO)loading system, this type of pallet storage allows businesses within the food and beverage industry better access to time-sensitive products. You will be able to efficiently turnover products, as needed.

At THS, we believe that companies need the right warehouse design and equipment to support their workflow process. If you want to make the best material handling and pallet storage choice for your business, new or reconditioned pallet flow pallet racking is the right solution.