Are you looking for ways to improve workplace productivity or fulfillment processes? The turnkey systems support at THS is an ideal option. From building department issues to controlled atmosphere solutions, we can help!
At THS, we make it our business to supply business owners and employees with tools and services they need to simplify their warehousing and production needs.

Our licensed and bonded contractors are available to help you choose the best storage system products and services for your facilities throughout the United States. Beyond choosing high-grade products like pallet racking and shelving, however, there are other decisions to make.

If you’re looking to automate your production and fulfillment services, you need to consider our full-services turnkey solutions.

What Are The Benefits Of Hiring Professionals For Turnkey Systems?

From start-to-finish, our turnkey systems will enhance productivity and simplify your operational procedures.

Warehouse facilities across a variety of industries require different services and solutions to keep up with their labor and production needs. By implementing trade-appropriate turnkey systems, business owners will have the support they need to improve their quality of products and services.

Whether you’re trying to settle problems with the building department or need assistance with electrical work, the dependable team at THS is available to help.

If you hire professional material handling and storage system specialists, they can offer expertise on specialized warehousing issues. Several benefits come with introducing various turnkey solutions into your facility’s design and operation, including:
  • Customized Construction Plans
  • Quick Return on Investment
  • Up to a 30% Increase in Productivity
  • Improved Accuracy
  • Reduction of Labor Costs
  • Enhanced Energy Efficiency
  • Environmentally-Friendly Technology

Ideal Reasons For Hiring Professionals For Turnkey Systems

As experts in the benefits of enlisting professional support for your company’s turnkey systems, we understand what types of services business owners need.

If you choose us to assist in the automation of your manufacturing and fulfillment processes, we can offer a wide range of support solutions to get the job done right.

Many businesses require assistance in various projects related to their local building department. We have comprehensive knowledge of permit submissions, code compliance, and engineering support. Our licensed team can also assist in areas such as concrete work, electrical, and fire sprinkler protection.

Are you running a company that relies on certain atmospheric conditions? We can install the right types of equipment to maintain an ideal environment 100% of the time.

Are You Ready To Improve Your Company’s Daily Operations?

By allowing THS to support you and your business with its turnkey systems, you will be making a beneficial decision for your company’s future.

Turnkey systems are more than just general services. They are a collection of productivity solutions that will improve labor costs, working conditions, and operational flow. When we say ‘turnkey,’ that’s what we mean. By the time our knowledgeable staff has finished, you’ll have the perfect warehouse environment with just the turn of the key!

We’re not just proficient in all these storage systems and material handling products, we have the comprehensive training needed to support your team during every aspect of this transitional experience.

If you’re looking for ways to improve the overall output of your warehouse facility, there’s no better option than our trustworthy turnkey systems.