Are you struggling to find the right type of storage system or pallet racking for your industrial warehouse? Let the THS in-house fabrication team create a custom solution for you! Call to learn more!
Since 2014, THS has been assisting industrial companies with their warehouse design planning and storage system needs. We make it our business to work alongside business owners to determine what they need to keep productivity moving seamlessly. This includes creating custom storage products with our in-house fabrication technology.

Whether you have odd-shaped manufacturing materials or bulky products and equipment, we can build unique products like shelving and pallet racking to fit your needs.

Using in-house materials, our fabrication team can build the products you need quickly and efficiently to cut down on labor costs and slow lead times from factory shipments. There is no storage system too large or small for our highly-skilled technicians.

When your industrial warehouse or facility needs new storage equipment quickly, you need the help of top-rated technicians like ours. In addition to storage shelving  and pallet racking, we can also assist with services and projects, including:
  • Professional Welding Services
  • Custom Uprights
  • Custom Load Beams
  • Custom Workbenches
  • Durable Guide Rails and Rub Rails
  • Upgrades to Seismic Base Plates
  • Strut and Column Repairs

What Are The Benefits Of In-House Fabrication?

Not only are the in-house fabrication services at THS low-cost and durable, but they are also the convenient options you need when your company needs storage systems in a hurry. Not only will you have the opportunity to create products that are geared specifically to your company’s needs, but the complete system will be built and installed quickly and efficiently.

Ideal Reasons For Choosing In-House Fabrication

While brand-name storage systems and pallet racking retailers work hard to provide material handling and distribution companies with a large variety of products, there’s no way they can tackle every specific want and need a business may have.

With in-house fabrication, however, unique products will be created based entirely on how you’ll need to use them.

During detailed consultations, our crew will examine your industrial space to determine what types of products will work for your business. Using this information, they will be able to create a highly-functional storage system for you and your employees.

Do You Need Custom Storage Systems And Pallet Racking For Your Business?

No two businesses are precisely the same. The same can be said, however, for their storage system needs. Thanks to our professional in-house fabrication products at THS, you’ll never have to settle for a product again.

We will work tirelessly to build and install custom storage systems and pallet racking systems that fit your unique set of requirements.

If you’re interested in finding a highly-skilled team of fabrication experts who can get the job done quickly and efficiently, you’ve found them.