Is it hard to find the things you need in your industrial warehouse or facility? Do you want better access to small or medium-sized products? If either of these is true, it might be time to purchase modular drawer cabinets from THS.
Known as a ‘building-block’ style storage system, modular drawer cabinets offer efficiency, security, and top-notch organization.

When business owners are dealing with small and mid-size parts or tools, there’s no need to choose shelving and pallet racking that may be oversized and unnecessary. Modular drawer cabinets come in a variety of heights and widths to better accommodate a wide range of items.

At THS, our expert design team will help you plan the right storage layout for your business. Cabinets can be stacked on top of one another to create a functional space that’s ideal for enhancing productivity and distribution.

Modular drawer cabinets are entirely customizable. They can serve as standalone cabinets or be incorporated into your existing storage system design. When you choose to implement them into your warehouse or facility, you’ll have the opportunity to reduce your storage footprint by up to 60%!

What Are The Benefits Of Buying Modular Drawer Cabinets?

While modular drawer cabinets are perfect for maintaining organization in your facility, they offer many more benefits, including:
  • Easy Access to Materials and Tools: One of the best features of these cabinets is their accessibility. Unlike some other drawers that force you to feel around at the back for the right item blindly, these pull out 110% so you’ll have a full view of everything inside.
  •  Enhanced Security Features: The items stored in your facility or warehouse deserve a heightened level of protection. To reduce loss prevention and unauthorized entry, modular drawer cabinets come with advanced locking mechanisms for added security.
  • Reduced Labor Costs: Where labor costs are concerned, every little bit counts. When your tools and materials are well-organized and accessible, it cuts down on the amount of wasted time employees spend searching through drawers and cabinets.
  • Easy to Move: If your storage needs change down the road, modular drawer cabinets are easily moved to best suit your evolving needs.

Ideal Reasons To Buy Modular Drawer Cabinets

At THS, each one of our modular drawer cabinets provides flexible usability to business owners in several different areas, including automotive shops, hospitals, and military facilities.

Thanks to their high-density storage capability, they allow for heightened organization without taking up unnecessary floor space. Whether you’re using them to store nuts and bolts or medications, these versatile products are the highly-functional storage system your industrial facility needs.

Do You Want More Industrial Storage Without Taking Up Tons Of Space?

Pallet racking and various shelving units certainly have their place in warehouses and industrial facilities. Unfortunately, however, they don’t work for every diverse storage need.
If you’re looking for high-density, customizable storage, the modular drawer cabinets at THS are an ideal solution. Let our team of experts help you plan a dependable layout that will increase productivity in your facility.

Modular drawer cabinets do more than just hold your ‘stuff.’ They provide better access, improve workflow, and enhance the overall environment of your industrial facility. If you’re interested in learning more about how they can help, our highly-trained team has the answers you need. Contact us today!