Do you believe your commercial property could benefit from more storage space? Custom mezzanines from THS offer several benefits and uses. From new office space to pallet storage, let our expert technicians show you what options are available.
Is your company in need of a cost-effective way to increase storage or production space? If so, a mezzanine from THS could be the optimal solution.

Mezzanines, otherwise referred to as equipment platforms, take advantage of the under-utilized vertical space in high-ceilinged warehouses or facilities. These durable steel structures are semi-permanent and provide versatile functionalities. They are also more competitively-priced than traditional remodeling work.

Our mezzanines can be free-standing or attached to an existing wall of your building. Many business owners often choose to enhance their one, two, or three-story mezzanine with a modular office that can be used to create more workspace for your employees, such as a break room, lookout tower, or general offices.

Types of Mezzanines Available

Free-Standing Mezzanines

Often called structural, steel, or wide-span mezzanines, a free-standing mezzanine is affordable and adaptable. They are easily assembled or disassembled, which makes them versatile and convenient to move if needed.

Business owners often use this type of mezzanine for staging and product storage.

Stainless Steel Mezzanines

Stainless steel mezzanines are known to be food-grade structures and are often used in the food and beverage industries. They offer hassle-free installation and meet USDA and FDA requirements.

Building-Supported Mezzanines

While more permanent in location than many other mezzanines, a building-supported mezzanine offers more stability and can handle larger loads. Combing support from columns and the building’s existing foundation and walls, these are a sturdier option than some other styles.

Rack Or Shelving-Supported Mezzanines

Are you interested in making the most out of every piece of square footage your building offers?

If you are, mezzanines that are supported by pallet racking and various shelving types are an ideal way to do so. These mezzanines offer multiple-functionalities and help to increase workplace productivity.

What Are The Main Benefits Of Mezzanines?

The most apparent benefit of mezzanine structures by THS is the additional space they bring to your warehouse or facility. Not only can mezzanines be customized to fit specific dimensions and load requirements, but they also allow business owners to utilize air space that ordinarily goes unused.
Mezzanines also improve productivity as they offer better access to equipment and materials needed during production processes. They also provide the ability to meet growth demands without costly relocation or remodeling fees.

Ideal Reasons For Using Custom Mezzanines

There are several different types of organizations and facilities that benefit from the use of mezzanines. Some of these are industrial plants, college universities, locker rooms, production areas, and government facilities.
Within these various industries, our expert installation team often sees a similar variety of uses, including:
  • Catwalks & Walkways Between Equipment & Buildings
  • Additional Storage Space
  • Office Space and Viewing Towers
  • Elevated Production Platforms
  • Full Pallet Storage
  • Conveyor Support

Make The Most Of Your Commercial Property With A Custom Mezzanine

Before you decide to undertake pricey remodeling work or move to another building, why not consider simpler solutions?

Whether you need additional storage, office space, or production areas, custom mezzanines provide versatile options that benefit business owners and companies alike. With tons of different options to choose from, THS can help you create a customized plan for your space.
Using this design, our industry-leading technicians will help you construct a mezzanine that provides a variety of different benefits and uses for your company.