Has your industrial location run out of storage space? Before you jump into costly construction costs, why not consider multi-tier shelving units from a reliable installation team like THS? Call for more information!
Do you wish there was more storage space in your industrial warehouse or distribution center? Do you have wasted vertical space sitting empty? The professional technicians at THS have the perfect solution—multi-tier shelving!

Why keep your entire storage system flat on the ground when you could build up and double or even triple the available space in your facility?

Multi-Tier Metal Shelving units can be constructed from scratch or added onto existing structures in your facility, such as shelving units or mezzanine platforms. 

There are two main styles of multi-tier shelving units: Full-mat metal shelving, and catwalk metal shelving.

Full-Mat Metal Shelving

This type of multi-tier shelving unit is comprised of a lower shelving unit that’s topped by a second floor. The second-floor space is comprised of a solid or grated floor that’s supported by the lower level. 

This type of storage option is the ideal choice for car dealerships and other facilities that have large, bulky items to store.

Catwalk Metal Shelving

Catwalk metal shelving offers an expansive amount of additional storage because it allows for continuous vertical building. Flooring and aisles are post-matched to the lower-level shelving unit for added stability. 

These types of storage systems have been designed to incorporate the use of barcoding, robotics, and wire-guided picking systems.

What Are The Benefits Of Multi-Tier Shelving Units?

While a significant draw with multi-tier shelving units is their ability to make use of wasted space for extra storage, they’re also one of the most cost-effective storage options available.
These types of storage systems provide significant benefits without the costly expense of constructing an entirely new building or addition. You may also qualify for a tax benefit as multi-tier shelving units are often eligible for accelerated depreciation.

Ideal Reasons For Using Multi-Tier Shelving Units

 One of the great things that THS customers love about multi-tier shelving is their flexibility. This style of storage system offers a vast number of uses to meet the wants and needs of business owners throughout the country. 
Some of the most common industries that use them are:
  • Automotive Dealerships & Distribution Centers
  • Warehousing Facilities
  • Manufacturing Facilities
  • Medical Archive Companies
  • Industrial & Retail Warehouses & Distribution Centers

Do You Have Unused Vertical Space In Your Warehouse Or Facility?

If the answer to this question is yes, then it’s time to think about multi-tier shelving units from THS. Our expertly-trained has the knowledge and experience needed to help you create the ideal layout design for your company. We will also work quickly and efficiently to ensure installation goes off without a hitch.

Whether you work for an automotive dealership or warehousing facility, multi-tier shelving units are the cost-effective option you need to take advantage of your unused airspace. When there’s no more room to build out, it’s time to start building up.

It doesn’t matter if you end up choosing full-mat metal shelving or catwalk metal shelving, our leading team has the products you need to achieve the storage area you’ve been hoping for.