Are you having trouble finding things at your business? Do you want to enhance industrial productivity? You need durable open & closed metal shelving from THS to organize your facility and keep things running smoothly.
Sometimes, when designing a warehouse or industrial facility, simplicity is key. Rather than purchasing an overly-involved storage system and equipment, basic designs and traditional usability is often the preferred option amongst business owners. At THS, our commercial storage experts have found that many industrial companies throughout the northwest region of the United States purchase open & closed metal shelving more than any other storage product.

Despite a basic design and cost-effective price tag, this shelving option provides versatile usability, which makes it a convenient choice for manufacturers and distributors. Open-style metal shelving consists of posts, shelves, shelf brackets, and high-grade sway braces that provide additional stability. If you’d like an even sturdier shelf, closed-style metal shelves also include side and back panels.

Our wide variety of metal shelving can also be easily reconfigured by adjusting the shelf height of your units.

Buying new storage shelving for your business shouldn’t be a complicated task. Since 2014, our knowledgeable team has been overseeing the purchase and installation of open & closed metal shelving across the country. Thanks to our own fleet of delivery trucks, we guarantee our customers reliable delivery and transportation services.

What Are The Benefits Of Buying Open & Closed Metal Shelving For Your Business?

Trying to decide on the right types of storage shelving for your materials handling company or distribution center can be difficult. If you’re interested in flexibility, however, there’s no better choice than open & closed metal shelving.
The options for your company are endless when you choose this shelving type. They’re not just low cost, either. They also provide impressive benefits, such as simple installation, variability, and several different styles, including:
  • Open Industrial Metal Shelving
  • Closed Industrial Metal Shelving with an Open Back
  • Closed Industrial Metal Shelving with a Closed Back
  • Flexi-Bin Industrial Metal Shelving
  • High-Density Drawer Industrial Metal Shelving

Ideal Reasons For Buying Open & Closed Metal Shelving

One thing we notice time and again at THS is the broad range of companies and industries that use open & closed metal shelving. No storage needs or equipment are too big or small for our high-grade industrial metal shelving units.
We do, however, notice that several common industries or types of facilities choose this particular type of shelving for their industrial properties, such as:
  • Retail Stores
  • Warehouses
  • Manufacturing Locations
  • Distribution Centers
  • Supply Rooms

Do You Need Better Storage Options For Your Industrial Facility?

At THS, we believe your industrial property deserves a highly-functional storage system that exceeds your expectations. Whether you specialize in areas like manufacturing or distribution, having easy access to your items and materials is an excellent way to increase productivity throughout your workplace.

Open & closed metal shelving might be simple in design, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be one of the best shelving products on the market!